The sound of the drum beating is stirring with the wind, and the quiet air around the ancient village is surrounded by the blazing atmosphere. It seems to tell outsiders that an exciting new era of vitality will be injected here

It will be recorded in the history of Guyi road that on January 20 and 21, 2018, it was sponsored by the Department of housing and urban rural development of Guangdong Province, the Department of culture of Guangdong Province, the Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province and the Tourism Bureau of Guangdong Province, and organized by the professional volunteer committee of “three teachers” of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Academy of architectural design and research, Academy of fine arts education of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts and Guangdong Museum, The finals of “art road study tour · Chinese ancient post road children’s painting competition” co organized by Art Education Research Institute of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts and modern education channel of Guangdong Radio and TV station ended in Xuri ancient village, Longhua, BOLUO County, Huizhou City

“In ancient times, the horse gallops along the post road. Today, the waves open and the treasure ships grow.” There are many post roads in southern Guangdong, which are either the thoroughfares of the two provinces, the main roads of military strategists, or the important links between Lingnan and the Central Plains. They witness the Millennium Development of Lingnan culture and bear the roots and memories of the historical development of our province. In response to President Xi’s proposal of “let the heritage displayed on the vast land live”, since the start of the lecture day, various art activities have been carried out in combination with the traditional culture and art painting techniques of the ancient post road in southern Guangdong, so that more families and children can enter the ancient Post Road, understand the ancient post road, and explore the ancient post road

“It is everyone’s responsibility to carry forward traditional culture.” The children’s painting competition of ancient post road in south Guangdong of China adheres to the purpose of carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. With the new concept education form of study tour practice and art sketching, children can experience the excellent traditional culture of ancient post road and ancient village in south Guangdong, adhere to the concept of letting children learn and grow in a healthy and natural state, and stimulate children’s innovative learning thinking“ We should continue to work together to cultivate the ancient post road culture in southern Guangdong, and jointly create the beauty of southern Guangdong culture. This is our common vision and expectation. ” Guo Zhuangshi, deputy director of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Guangdong Province, conveyed the inheritance spirit of the ancient post road in southern Guangdong at the mobilization meeting

The final is not only an important part of “Yidao Youxue”, but also a report of achievement display. Chen Weihe, director of the Institute of fine arts education of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, said in his speech: “Yidao Youxue enables children to obtain historical and cultural nourishment and comprehensive ability training in the process of fine arts creation, and makes the vivid, wonderful and creative side of the ancient post road culture of southern Guangdong enter thousands of households.” More than 500 excellent players participated in the creation of the finals and showed their experience and understanding through exploration《 The success of Yidao Youxue depends on the attention and support of friends from all walks of life. The strong support of relevant functional departments in Boluo County of Huizhou City has laid a solid foundation for the holding of the final of “Yidao Youxue”. Liang Liuwen, deputy head of Boluo County People’s Government of Huizhou City, welcomed all the guests who participated in the finals, and affirmed the far-reaching significance of the finals: “the finals let more people know about the ancient village of Xuri, feel the beauty of the ancient village, and promote the tourism development of the ancient village. At the same time, the image of Xuri ancient village with boundless scenery and strong historical atmosphere has also brought more inspiration and painting forms to the contestants participating in the finals. “

Huizhou is one of the cradles of red in China, and Dongjiang has a profound red culture. During the first and second civil wars, the Anti Japanese War and the liberation war, the red beacon fire spread all over Huizhou, leaving behind a number of memorial halls, martyr memorial buildings, and memorial facilities for important battles and battles in the war. Among them, Dongjiang column adhered to independent guerrilla warfare in a difficult and complex environment, and gradually developed into a strong anti Japanese force from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. During the eight years of the Anti Japanese War, Dongjiang column actively cooperated with the Anti Japanese forces and allies all over the country, bravely attacked the enemy, and made indelible contributions to the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the liberation of the Chinese nation. It can be said that the finals of “Yidao Youxue” will provide a platform for children to remember the martyrs and feel the spirit“ “Yidao study tour” uses the form of “study tour + competition” to let the contestants experience Huizhou red culture and excellent local traditional culture, so as to stimulate creative inspiration







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