The nine sides advocate the professional, convenient and humanistic school running concept, and carry out hierarchical teaching according to the diversity of students’ art needs., At present, our country’s out of school education units and professional art training institutions generally focus on dealing with young people’s realistic modeling ability. On the one hand, the reason is that at this stage young people have the desire to improve their professional performance ability; on the other hand, the important origin is to meet the social needs of entrance examination and professional skills examination. The “transformation period” of young people who cultivate the ability of art realism is indeed an indispensable content

As children rely on intuitive perception to stop their inner depression and mental burden, they don’t have the ability to release their mood by talking with a few close friends like adults. And painting, especially free painting, is the children’s mind. Children usually can not reveal the inner contradictions can be lost vent, so that the mind to bear heavier, is conducive to adhere to mental well-being. What are the advantages of learning to draw? quite a lot! Even if you don’t become a painter by learning to draw, you can enjoy the practical utility. The benefits of learning to draw are irreplaceable. Learn painting, go to Jiufang, open the road of famous schools, focus on the basic teaching of fine arts, and build a systematic education platform for primary, junior and senior fine arts students to receive high-quality professional education on the basis of academic teaching. It is a kind of change in their view to understand the way to stop sketching through the analysis of modeling performance and adolescence. Children’s sketching is characterized by the way of partial observation and partial completion. The painting is gradually adjusted and completed based on the group experience, and the painting method is more sensitive and comfortable. Sketching is required to start from the whole picture, one-sided thinking of composition, spatial status, proportion, structure and other elements

When painting, we need to analyze and understand, in order to truly express the object. Children’s modeling characteristics imagine that a person without feelings will lead a relatively flat life, and he has no feelings for many things. What does sensibility equal to? It’s like when we have a good taste, when we eat delicious food, we will enjoy it. Abnormally, after we have the ability of feeling in art, we can see a very common daily thing, which will have a sense of beauty. I get a pleasant feeling from it, so this is not only the benefit of painting itself, but also the inner pleasure brought by the improvement of feeling ability, the more in-depth observation of many things, the more acute feeling, This is a very important direction of painting. Meeting with famous artists and talking with history, Jiufang art leads children into the world of European famous artists, bringing edification and inspiration to children. If we stop the professional skill training for children too early and are limited by the development of children’s thoughts, the teaching will not be carried out smoothly, and children will lose their confidence in painting. In a training institution, we have seen some third grade children stop drawing plaster models of their ears, nose and mouth. On the blackboard, there is a diagram of faceted structure taught by the teacher. But the teacher’s homework is still represented by children’s line drawing. Therefore, we think it’s very good not to let children fall into monotonous basic skill training too early, and we don’t want young people to be cautious about these so-called early knowledge and not fall into some traps too early. Rare mistakes: let children learn simple strokes one stroke at a time. There is another thing that we support from time to time. Children learn simple strokes too early. Maybe teachers teach them some fixed generalities, which is a kind of constraint for children. In the process of children’s art learning, it is important to know who is the main one. Nowadays, many training institutions are mainly teachers. Teachers may draw on the blackboard in front of them, and children learn with them. What they learn in this way has little to do with the children themselves, It is a kind of general knowledge that teachers take for granted that children should learn. Jiufang fine arts, with nine campuses, is convenient and fast to enter the school nearby, with accurate guidance. The experienced teachers from the Central Committee of the Qing Dynasty guide the direction of the examination questions, control the teaching quality and the progress of the course, and stop the whole factor sketch learning prematurely. Because, when the shape painting is not on time, painting light and dark color is meaningless. Moreover, color sketch needs a lot of work to complete, which is not ideal for children who draw professionally. Theory has proved that realistic modeling training can start at the senior stage of primary school, so that they can initially understand the law of perspective and the concept of proportion

Below is a sketch of 11-12-year-old teenagers. Generally speaking, their general imagination ability can be cultivated through fine arts. For example, a clump of disordered lines is like a cloud. Ordinary people can think that this is a pile of disordered lines. If it has rich imagination, it can be a dark cloud, the body of a sheep, the crown of a big tree or the tail of a fox. This kind of image general association ability can expand children’s ability to draw inferences from one instance, which is very good for them to expand their ability in other directions in the future. When children are young, they are less influenced by the objective world and have rich imagination. 1. Learn fine arts, go to Jiufang, go to famous schools. Master the basic skills of fine arts, bonus points and art specialty. Students are beginning to rise. Analyze and choose the direction of universities. We can understand from the picture that they have mastered the method of sketching by nature



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